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Coface began to diversify internationally in 1992. Currently, the Group has global capabilities to support its clients’ growth in their home markets and with their exports by offering them credit insurance services tailored to their needs.
The Group’s organisation is focused entirely on this goal. Its 4,400 employees working in 67 countries offer adapted risk prevention, monitoring and protection services to companies of all sizes and nationalities and in all sectors. To that end, the Group’s underwriters, business information and receivables collection specialists are available to serve clients and enable them to carry out their business activities more safely. Clients thus benefit from the expertise and organisation of an international Group that can offer them local service fine-tuned to their needs.

Executive Committee

/ Chief Executive Officer  
Coface South Africa has a combination of a strong customer base, excellent relationships with key partners, leading products, a dedication to technology innovation and a team of dedicated and committed people with solid expertise. Our priority is to facilitate and protect the growth of our client’s business.
/ Chief Financial Officer
The Finance and Compliance departments strive to support and assist the business to achieve its strategic goals. The Finance team’s objective is to provide quality management information, financial analysis and reporting to key stakeholders. Legal, risk management and compliance is focused on guiding and aligning the business to ensure its obligations are met in terms of legislation, regulation, best practice and international group standards.
William Surmon
William SURMON
/ Chief Commercial Officer 
The commercial department draws inspiration from the diversity of our clients in every industry, to complement the uniqueness, outlook and value to each client. It is our passion to facilitate our clients’ business growth through tailor-made Trade Credit solutions that fit the clients’ business profile.
/ Chief Underwriting Officer
The underwriting team is made up of a highly skilled team of individuals who are industry experts in specific industry segments. We are a close knit and experienced team that see beyond the obvious, whilst still focusing on the reality.
/ Chief Information Officer 
The IT department is dedicated to ensuring the availability of systems and technology to support a global platform of stakeholders, with a service-centric team. IT service delivery is our first and foremost ambition, enabled by leveraging various technologies in order to provide seamless, simple and effective systems to meet our local and global business requirements.
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